Useful tips for car drivers

Nowadays, the car is considered as the most convenient means of transportation that all people give the priority to spend money for buying. Although a car can help you be more active in terms of schedule as well as time, it also brings a lot of troubles. If you do not have much experience related to this field, you must face to many problems.



If you do not to spend a great deal of money to pay for expensive bills for fixing the car, you should refer these tips. It is better for you to refer a comprehensive guide for people who have experienced already to keep your car in a good look. Furthermore, these tips also can help you have more information and know how to deal with some situation while driving your own car.

  1. Protect the windshield

A windshield is one of the most important parts of your car which can protect you from many things. Some people do not think that the windshield is important and it is required to protect carefully. Therefore, their windshield is always broken in a very short time. It means that the longevity of their windshield is very short, compared to the windshield of people who pay more attention to it and they know how to keep it safe.


According to the manufacturers, it is very necessary for the car owners to replace the blades after three months. This step is a determining factor to last the life of your windshield. If possible, you had better save a spare set in the trunk.

We can suggest some best products for you as a rain clear. By using the rain clear, the work of the wipers can be minimized. You should spray the rain clear onto your glass after several weeks. When it is raining lightly, the wipers are unnecessary, thanks to the work of a rain clear.

To be honest, a rain clear is the most useful thing which can make a great contribution to keep your windshield safe. Aside from protecting the windshield, it can reduce the amount of work for the wipers.

  1. Wash your car

Many people think that they can save a great deal of money for washing the car, if they do it by themselves instead of bringing it to the shops. However, the truth is reversed.

If you wash your car at home, it can entail many other problems. A research of some experts shown that the amount of water that each family use to wash their car is 20 times more than washing by a professional car washer. It means that you have to pay much money for the water bills annually.

Furthermore, washing cars at home does not bring any benefit for the car owners. A recent study provided a lot of evidence to show that if you wash the car with your hands, it can leave many scratches. After washing, you have to ask for the help of the mechanic to recover its shape and remove the scratches. To be honest, we suggest that you had better stop washing your car at home.

  1. Focus on driving

Driving a car is very dangerous that require for highly concentrated. If you distract while driving, its consequence is so terrible. In fact, driving the car is a stressful task. Your hands usually follow the direction where your eyes are focusing on. Distracting can put you in a dangerous situation, so you should be aware of.

Besides, many people are interested in listening to the music while they are driving a car. This activity is more dangerous than you think. If you spend a little time about 5 seconds to adjust your radio, and your eyes do not look at the road, it can cause accident immediately.


Apart from adjusting the radio, other people intend to make a phone call or even, send a message when they are moving by the car. We warn that you should stop this activity right now. We still have a lot of time, so you can do these things later.

You should not do many works at the same time, especially when driving a car. You should put your phone down and turn off the radio. We can relax after going to the destination.

  1. Adjust the height of your seat

Another tip that we intend to provide you today is to lower your seat. Many studies illustrated that people who are sitting in a higher position usually feel that they driving the car so slowly. However, in fact, their speed is not really as slow as they imagine.

According to the test of some experts, a high seat can make them feel like their car is creeping. To prevent this situation, you should lower the seat. By this way, you can get the feeling of speed and do not mistake your real speed as a high position.

  1. Turn on the lights

It sounds crazy a little bit when you are required to turn on the lights in the daytime; however, it is the real thing. A study on a Canadian found that if you drive your car with a headlight during the daylight, the risk of causing an accident can be decreased by 11 percent compared the normally.


There are many reasons for this consolidation. Turning the lights on can help other vehicle owners see your car and they can be away from it. Besides, in some places, where do not have enough light, even during the day hours, it is a good idea.

Final thoughts

Although these tips cannot stop all your problems, it can make a great contribution to keep you safe when you are driving your own car. Besides, you can refer more useful tips by searching on the internet. You should follow these guides to make for sure that your car is protected and you are driving the car in a safe way. By the way, do not ignore them!

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