Downloading mp3 songs online: why is it so popular?

The activity of listening to songs has transformed into something from a totally different thing. For instance, there were times when people used to gather at a single spot for the sake of listening to the radio which will play some songs. Later, the invention of a CD and other recording instruments led people to listen to some songs and music independently. There are some limitations to this process but people had no other ways to enjoy music. With time, the internet brought a revolution. Now, all that is required from the people’s end is some data and a few clicks. Almost anyone with a mobile can listen to songs and can store a lot of tracks on his device. Around thousands of sites are there to download mp3 at ease. The following are some of the reasons for the popularity of these websites.
Vast collections
On the web, you will get tired of counting the number of websites offering mp3 songs. On each of these sites, there would be thousands of songs. All of them would be different and the plus point is that you get access to all of them at once. Nobody will stop you from accessing more songs as per your wish. However, in other types of recording songs, there will be limitations.
Low cost
The majority of song downloading sites will be letting you get songs for free. So, you need not spend anything higher to listen to your favorite songs. If you want to consider deeply, the internet costs may add up to the overall expense. However, this cost will be less compared to recording with CDs.
No boundaries
If you visit a recording center to get some songs on your CDs, most songs would be local. However, you can download international songs also with the internet and mp3 sites.