How Does an Automatic Mosquito Misting System Work?

An automatic mosquito misting system can be one of the best ways to protect your garden from the harm that mosquitoes and other insects may inflict. It is a system of high quality misting nozzels connected to a central control station. The nozzles release a light mist of the right proportion of mosquito repellant, which is normally stored in the control station’s central reservoir. The system can also be used to eliminate plant disease by spraying a fine mist around the plants. When used as a malaria prevention measure, it has been proven to kill millions of mosquitoes per hour.

Misting your yard is a great way to discourage mosquitoes from biting your plants and seeds. Whether you are looking for an easy to install automatic mosquito misting system for your home or business or a completely stand alone unit, there are several features to look for to ensure maximum effectiveness. These features can include an oscillating feature which sprays an aerosol at a targeted area, as well as an adjustable spray height. All of these features together can make an outstanding mosquito control system, but there are some other things to consider when purchasing an effective yard killer.

Some mosquito control experts do not recommend using non-organic pesticides inside the house, because of the danger to pets and children. If however you are considering an automatic mosquito misting system to prevent the destruction of your precious landscaping and flowers, you need to make sure the mist is not made of organic compounds. You can find sprays consisting of many different materials in your local hardware store. Organic compounds do not contain any harmful chemicals, so they will not harm your pets or children.

There are two other areas that pets can be detrimentally affected by non-organic sprays. If your yard rests directly on the ground, your pets may run into them and ingest the spray residue, especially if they are small. However, adult mosquitoes are more likely to become seriously ill from the chemical residues, if they are exposed to them on a regular basis. For this reason it is highly recommended that you either obtain an annual spray permit from your local government, or make sure you purchase an organic compound designed specifically for the job.

Some people are trying to get around the fact that an automatic unit is not always as effective as a manual one simply by purchasing an additional manual unit. The truth is that a manual unit will often times provide a higher degree of coverage than an automatic one. For areas where you see standing water or thick vegetation, an automatic unit can actually be less effective. For areas such as these it is best to invest in a two-stage automatic system with a monitoring device.

If you choose to use an automatic unit, keep in mind that there are certain types of mosquitoes that are considered “arthropods”. You will need to take this into consideration when selecting the specific type of spray to use. Generally speaking, these are the same kind of insects that exist in the environment and feed off of human blood. There are some insects that are considered “spiders” and these include ticks and fleas, which can also carry certain diseases. You need to know what type of mosquito you have living in your particular area and the specific pests that they prey upon before you attempt to use an electronic fine mist system.