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The world of audiovisual formats is more interesting and difficult than one would think. It is not only about quality, quality, and more. Both a video and audio format must have an optimal weight to spread the word. Content simply and according to the current technology provisions of the users in general.
To give you an idea, an uncompressed song can weigh several hundred megabytes. If you are old enough, you will understand that if this had not improved neither the iPod, Spotify, nor any other products or services would have been the best. Practical enough to have existed commercially speaking, it is here that the importance of the format mp3 quack is much more than that of a known audio codec, but it is a format that opened the possibility of developing a new market.

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The MP3 began to be developed in the 80s as part of a scientific project in which it was sought to design an audio format that compressed the information to more practical levels while maintaining an acceptable quality. The goal was met, but because any tech giant did not sponsor its development, other projects enjoyed greater influence and better opportunities to establish themselves as the new audio standard.
This did not diminish the spirits of the MP3 creators, but with such limited resources, the promotion of this format could only be done at science fairs and university conferences. However, this made the difference since, with the massification of the internet; the MP3 format became popular in a remarkable way. Being a practical format, downloading mp3 for free was common for millions of users in the world.

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The above made MP3 consolidate against other formats, this despite large companies in the music industry, but without a doubt very advantageous for millions of users. Today, mp3 quack is used as part of the audio codec in videos to share streaming music. It is even a free format that any user can broadcast their creations, be it music, podcast, audiobooks, etc.