Know more about Nursing CEU Retreats

E3Retreats was created to provide the most relaxing, productive and stress-free learning environment possible. We know that typical CEU courses and conferences are boring and un enjoyable, so why not make sure that fellow nurse practitioners have the best time while advancing their careers!?
All that matters to us, is that our fellow nurse practitioners feel comfortable at our retreats. We want them to enjoy their training and their conversations, and are happy to invite their fellow peers to relax at our retreat locations and enjoy learning with style!
Continuing education for Nurse Practitioners is mandatory in most states. The ceus are required to maintain nursing licensure as well as enhancing or upgrading skills. Check with your state board of nursing for specifics as these will vary from state to state. Many employers include a continuing education allowance as part of their benefit package for NPs, physicians, and PAs to encourage the highest quality and state-of-the-art continuing education.
Nursing CEU Retreats courses are designed for efficiency and relaxation. Our coaching team is not only experienced in CEU course instruction, they also know how to relax and have fun!
Our friendly and professional staff will be at your service to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience.